ConnecTV is a pay-per-view system available through Connexys, the Ultimate Café Management system. It is the first and only of its kind developed solely for distribution and use within internet cafes.

ConnecTV offers a unique viewing experience and creates a new dimension of online entertainment for internet café users, by providing a library comprised of locally produced films, original animated works and other materials that showcase quality, local talent and flavor. It is competitively priced for the market, with very affordable rates, rivaling regular pay-per-view and even pirated DVD's.

ConnecTV benefits a variety of consumer groups, such as:

Internet Café Owners, through image building and revenue expansion. ConnecTV is free with every installation of Connexys and provides and additional source of income for shop owners. A shop owner has the freedom to manage the content of his ConnecTV library. An internet café offering pay-per-view of quality, very affordable, local materials, will very quickly and easily become the talk of the town, and the "go-to café."

Internet Café Users (Students, Youth, Young Professionals, Housewives), by turning their neighborhood internet café into a "one-stop-shop." ConnecTV offers them a unique viewing experience and a library of high quality materials of relevant, local flavor. It is easy to use and the most affordable alternative to their regular pay-per-view, movie houses and pirated DVD's.

Source of Content, such as production companies, indie film makers and artists etc., by acting as a channel to distribute and showcase work. Sources are also protected by ConnecTV's anti-piracy features.

Advertisers through branding opportunities that complement and/or supplement marketing and sales efforts. Advertisers can purchase spots for OBBs/CBBs, footnote ads or can take advantage of in-store marketing opportunities.

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